A Very London Wedding

Style tips for a groom on his wedding day

Sure, sure, a wedding is the bride’s special day when all eyes are on her and she gets whatever she wants. She gets to spend thousands of dollars on her dress, boss people around and have flutes of champagne at her beck and call all day long, but what about the groom? He definitely won’t get to play too much of a role in choosing the flowers or the centrepieces and he may have to go to the bar himself to get some champagne, but one thing he can be in charge of is looking the part.

“The groom is being watched too when they’re both standing up at the front saying their vows,” says male stylist Dave Hearn. “So he has to look just as good as his future wife.”

A groom’s wedding is not the right day to let himself go or experiment with a new style, so Hearn has a few tips for grooms looking to keep up with their brides on their wedding day:

A more casual look like this is acceptable for an outdoor, summer wedding

1. Dress for the occasion. The bride is going to be wearing an evening gown no matter if the wedding is in a park or an opera house, but the man has to fit the setting. The last thing anyone wants to see is a cummerbund at a beach wedding. They can go slightly more casual with no tie or a few buttons undone if it is an outdoor wedding, but they absolutely must look dashing and polished if it is black tie – the groom can’t be underdressed.

2. Colours are in the accents, not in the suit. Sure, you want to pop, but pop with a tie, a pocket square or a fun pair of socks. Don’t ever pop with the suit. Furthest you could go would be cream for a beach wedding or light grey for a park wedding, but other than that stick to dark grey, black and navy. If you feel boring wear a striped tie and a polka-dotted pair of socks. Anything but a coloured suit.

An example of simple and subtle details.

3. It’s all in the details. While a groom wants to stack up to his bride, he also should never outshine her. Looking good as a groom on your wedding day is all about the little things like shoes, cufflinks, tie clips and pocket squares. Don’t overdo it with a top hat or a shiny suit, just be elegant and put together.

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